How Professional Forex Traders Trade The Markets.

Professional Forex Traders Verses Retail Forex traders.

There are many participants active in the Forex market but to keep things simple i like to split the players into 2 groups. Retail traders and professional traders.

Everyone starts off as a retail trader, but only a very small percentage actually have the skills and the determination required to make the transition from the retail side of the business to the professional side.

How To Become A Professional Forex Trader.

Becoming a professional trader has nothing to do with how many years you have been trading for. Some of my students were trading for over 10 years as retail traders.

Becoming a professional trader has nothing to do with your attitude, or your approach to trading. It also has nothing to do with whether you are trading full time or part time.

There are only 2 things that set professional traders apart from retail traders. Knowledge and consistent profitability. But you cannot have consistent profitability if you do not have knowledge.

Why Retail Traders Lose Money.

Why Retail Traders Lose MoneyThere are many reasons why retail traders lose money, but the main reason is a lack of understanding of how the Forex market actually works.

Now this is a real big problem for retail Forex traders. The reason its such a big problem is that many retail Forex traders believe that they understand how the Forex market works.

Retail traders believe that they know how to read a chart. So if you don’t know that what you are doing is incorrect, and you think that your understanding of the market is correct, why would you change what you are doing?

When a new student has their first lesson with me, they are totally blown away by what i have to say. Traders are so convinced that they know how to trade the Forex market, that it comes as a real shock to them when i show them what they have been doing wrong.

Only when i have educated retail traders to see the market how professional traders see it, can they move forward on their road to profitability .

Why Are So Many Retail Traders Doing It Wrong.

Its a fact that 95% of retail traders lose money. By losing money i mean not being consistently profitable. Everyone makes money from time to time, but making money long term is what counts.

The reason why retail traders are doing it wrong is very simple, its because they have been taught to do it wrong by other people that are also doing it wrong. The so called training providers that are teaching people how to trade, do not know how to trade themselves, and because they do not know they are doing it wrong, how are they going to change what they teach?

So as you can see its a vicious circle of incompetence that breeds more incompetence.

So Whats The Answer?

The answer is to pay a professional Forex trader to teach you how to trade. If you pay for a retail Forex training course, you will only learn how to trade like a retail trader, if you pay for a professional Forex training course you will learn how to trade like a professional trader.

You would not pay a plumber to teach you how to become an electrician would you? Its simple, find a professional trader such as myself, and pay them to teach you how to trade, it will save you years of heartache and lots of money.

How Professional Forex Traders Trade The Markets.

Now i don’t often give away anything for free, i charge a lot of money for my knowledge, and what i teach is worth 10 times what i charge for it, but i am going to give you a little insight into the way a professional Forex trader trades.

I have many strategies that i use every day to make money from the market, all of which i teach in my Forex training course, but to be successful one thing that you have to understand is the intrinsic value in what you are buying or selling.

We are in the buying and selling business, and any business that involves buying and selling has one underlying principle, that if applied correctly, will enable you to make money in any buying and selling business. And that principle is “its not the price you sell it for that makes you money, its the price you buy it for”. If you buy it cheap enough, you can always sell it for a profit.

How Professional Forex Traders Trade The MarketsLet me give you an example. You are chatting to the guy next door and he tells you he’s got a few financial problems and he needs to get some quick cash.

He wants to sell his 2 year old Mercedes, and wants to know if you are interested in buying it. So you ask him how much he wants to sell it for. He says £35,000, but he needs to know right now if you want to buy it or not.

You cannot have any time to go online and check out the model, the mileage the condition etc to get a value on it. So you say “i don’t know if that’s a good deal or not, so i am going to have to say no thank you”.

The next day you see the guy again, and he says look mate i really need to sell this car today, i will let you have it for £25,000, but i need the money today. You have still not checked out the price of the car online, but you are getting it for £10,000 less than he was offering it to you yesterday, so you agree to buy it, as you think it must be cheap now, as its 10k less than yesterday.

So you give him the money and take the car. You then go online to check out the price, and see that they are selling the same car with the same mileage in the same condition in your local garage for £23,000. Now based on the fact that the local garage will probably have a 2k mark up on a car like that, the true value is probably around £20,000 for a quick sale. So you have just lost £5000 in the blink of an eye.

Now why did you lose your money? You lost your money because you bought something that looked cheap, but as you did not know the true intrinsic value of it, turned out to be expensive.

So there are 2 lessons to be learned from that example. Just because it looks cheap, does not mean it is cheap, and knowing the true value of what you are buying before you buy it will make you money. As i said its not the price you sell it for that makes you money, its the price you buy it for.

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The Most Precious Commodity In the Universe.

Rob Taylor Forex TraderIf someone asked you to name the most precious commodity in the universe, most people would say gold, or diamonds or some other precious metal or stone, but the most precious commodity of them all is something far more valuable, far more simple, and far more complex than any precious metal or stone. And its something that you get given at birth for free, and it stays with you all of your life, increasing in value with every day that goes by.

Some people will see the true value of it, but other people will just waste it, thinking there is much more where that came from, but they are wrong, there is no more, you get your quota at birth, and that’s all you’re getting.

So what am i talking about? What is this precious commodity that is freely available to everyone, that out values every other commodity in the universe?

Before i give you the answer, (and i am sure there are some pretty smart people out there that have already guessed what the answer is) i want you to think about your life, and where you are in its cycle.

Are you young, are you old? Have you achieved everything you want to achieve, or are there things you still want to do? Are you happy with you life, are you sad, are you indifferent to your life? Do you have regrets over missed opportunities, or are you happy with the choices you have made?

We are all different and all unique, but there is one precious commodity that we all share, that makes us equal with every other man woman and child in the universe, and how we use that commodity will shape our lives. It will make us rich beyond our wildest dreams, or it will make us dirt poor. It will make us happy, it will make us sad. It will make us regret, it will make us have no regrets, and when we depart this earth it will be given to someone else, for them to use or abuse in a way that they see fit.

Many people do not appreciate the true value of this precious commodity, they waste it on a daily basis. Its only when they are close to the end of their lives, that they really see its true value, but then its too late.

So what is it? Its time of course. Don’t waste yours. The clock is ticking, and there is no more coming your way anytime soon.

Will The New Year Bring You Forex Trading Success?

Forex trading successFirst off i would just like to wish everyone a Happy New Year.

2016 is going to be another great year of trading for me, but will 2016 bring you Forex trading success?

I have been watching a number of trading videos over the holiday period, and i would like to say a big thank you to all the guys that have kept me entertained throughout this extremely boring time of year.

Making videos is a time consuming job, but these guys seem to have a lot of time on their hands, and i suppose its a lot more rewarding for them than trading is, and its a lot less expensive.

Some of the crap i have been listening to from these so called traders is unbelievable. Are they really making it up as they go along, or does it just seem that way. To say these guys do not have a clue about what is going on in the market is putting it mildly.

Every video i came across was nothing more than an amusing interpretation of how not to trade the Forex market. Its very sad to see these videos encouraging people to get involved in this business, and selling them a dream of Forex trading success, when the truth is its not going to happen.

You are not going to learn how to make money by listening to this rubbish. Forex trading is a professional business that you need to learn and understand. It takes a lot of time and effort on your part in order to be successful, and you are not going to be successful unless you get a professional trader to teach you how to trade.

The people that make these videos cannot trade, if they could trade, they would be trading and making money, not making videos. Why do 95% of traders lose money? Because of these guys. They are teaching you stuff that don’t work, and never will work. So don’t waste your time learning it.

If you are a struggling trader please don’t let 2016 be another year of frustration and missed profits. Find a professional trader and pay them to teach you how to trade. It does not have to be me, there are other professional traders out there like me, but you wont find them making videos and uploading them to YouTube. :(

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