The Most Precious Commodity In the Universe.

Rob Taylor Forex TraderIf someone asked you to name the most precious commodity in the universe, most people would say gold, or diamonds or some other precious metal or stone, but the most precious commodity of them all is something far more valuable, far more simple, and far more complex than any precious metal or stone. And its something that you get given at birth for free, and it stays with you all of your life, increasing in value with every day that goes by.

Some people will see the true value of it, but other people will just waste it, thinking there is much more where that came from, but they are wrong, there is no more, you get your quota at birth, and that’s all you’re getting.

So what am i talking about? What is this precious commodity that is freely available to everyone, that out values every other commodity in the universe?

Before i give you the answer, (and i am sure there are some pretty smart people out there that have already guessed what the answer is) i want you to think about your life, and where you are in its cycle.

Are you young, are you old? Have you achieved everything you want to achieve, or are there things you still want to do? Are you happy with you life, are you sad, are you indifferent to your life? Do you have regrets over missed opportunities, or are you happy with the choices you have made?

We are all different and all unique, but there is one precious commodity that we all share, that makes us equal with every other man woman and child in the universe, and how we use that commodity will shape our lives. It will make us rich beyond our wildest dreams, or it will make us dirt poor. It will make us happy, it will make us sad. It will make us regret, it will make us have no regrets, and when we depart this earth it will be given to someone else, for them to use or abuse in a way that they see fit.

Many people do not appreciate the true value of this precious commodity, they waste it on a daily basis. Its only when they are close to the end of their lives, that they really see its true value, but then its too late.

So what is it? Its time of course. Don’t waste yours. The clock is ticking, and there is no more coming your way anytime soon.