Forex Affiliate Programs

Why i decided to launch a Forex affiliate program.

I have been approached many times by people who have offered to promote my training and mentoring program in exchange for a referral commission, but i have always been reluctant to go down that route, as i did not want to be labeled as a marketing company, or a Forex training school.

There are so many companies that offer Forex training, but the majority of them are just marketing companies, that teach the same basic information that you can get online for free. They are not offering value for money, and their clients are left feeling frustrated, and out of pocket.

What i do is very different to the majority. I am primarily a Forex trader, that is how i make my money. I trade money for myself, and for clients. I do not rely on my training program as my main source of income.

I am a Forex trader that offers training and mentoring. I am not a Forex training or marketing company, hence my reluctance to start promoting my training course through an affiliate program, and being labeled as such.

So i had to think long and hard before i decided to launch this offer, but i feel that what i teach is so different to what everyone else teaches, and of so much benefit to so many struggling traders, that i have to step up the marketing of my website, in order to reach as many traders as possible. I owe it to myself, and i owe it to all the struggling traders out there.

There are potentially some really great Forex traders out there, that are searching for exactly what i am offering, and by launching this affiliate program, and getting like minded individuals promoting my services, i am hoping that it will be much easier for these traders to find me, and i can offer them the opportunity to learn how to trade correctly, and become successful profitable Forex traders.

Why should you join my Forex affiliate program?

The reason most people join affiliate programs is to make money, and that is no different here.

I have a few different training options available for potential students, but my 40 hour Forex training and mentoring program sells for £8995. I am offering 10% commission per sale, which is a very substantial amount for promoting a service that is in demand.

Anyone can join my affiliate program, but experience of promoting this type of product, or having a Forex related website, would be an advantage.

You do not need a website however to profit from this opportunity. You can promote my products through social networking websites like Twitter and Facebook, you can use opt in email lists, forums, blogs, free ads websites, or any other medium that offers the potential to generate sales.

When you register for my affiliate program, i will issue you with a unique code that you can use to promote my products. I also have an added bonus offer that i am not going to discuss here, but it will help you generate more sales for no extra work.

Before you decide to apply to become an affiliate you will need to have an understanding of what i do, and what you will be promoting. For more information on my Forex training and mentoring programs please click here.

So if you are interested in being part of this excellent opportunity to earn a substantial income, please register here.

Existing affiliates please log in here.

Please note: I will only be interested in taking on affiliates that use ethical promotion of my products and services. I do not encourage unsolicited emails, or automated programs designed to spam. Any affiliates that use those unethical methods of promotion will be rejected.

Thanks for your interest, and have a great day. 🙂

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