Do You Really Want To Be A Profitable Forex Trader?

Does that sound like a silly question? Its not. Its a perfectly reasonable question, but think about it a while before you answer it.

People get involved in this business for many reasons, but the main reason people get into this business is to make more money, and to have more free time. But the strange thing is, for the majority of people that trade the Forex market the reverse happens, they have less free time and less money.

Even for the majority of profitable traders, time spent in front of the screen in proportion to the money they make is not even minimum wage. Out of the 5% of traders that consistently make money from Forex trading, only about 10% of them actually make it to the point where they are making life changing amounts of money.

improve your trading resultsWhy is this? The answer is simple, the driving force behind most peoples foray into the Forex business is money. They want to make money, and lots of it. So what is wrong with that you ask. Nothing at all. 20% of the worlds wealthiest people have made their money in the finance industry.

So whats the problem? Well the problem is you have to be good at your job if you want to make money, and the better you are at it, the more money you will make. You cant say i want to make more money next week than i made this week. That will only happen if you are a better trader next week than you are this week.

So now answer the question, do you want to make money, or do you want to be a great Forex trader. If you want to make money, forget about trading and contact me about my managed account service.

If you want to be a great trader then contact me about my Forex training course.

Is it possible to make life changing amounts of money from Forex trading?

Yes it is. But to make life changing money from the Forex business you have to be a great trader. Most people fail in this business because they want to make money, they don’t want to be great traders.

Any job that requires you to have a skill requires a period of training, an apprenticeship to be a tradesman lasts for 4 years, doctors, vets, solicitors study for much longer than that. So why do people think they can enter this business with no skill, and make lots of money very quickly.

new life

Because its easy right? Forex trading is really easy, and anyone can do it, you just need to pay a few 100 dollars for a training course, set up an account with a broker, and you are on your way to your first million. In reality that will not happen, and for the majority of new traders making a million from trading is just a pipe dream.

Here’s a question for you. How do you walk away from this business after 12 months with a million pound in your account? You start with 10 million. 🙂

To be a great Forex trader you have to have, education, determination, discipline, and a skin as thick as a rhino. I have been in the trading business for many years, and there is nothing else i enjoy more than taking money out of the market, but the reason i can do that is because i am a great trader. I always wanted to be a trader, and i will always be a trader. Making money from the markets is a by product of being a great trader.

Most traders make money by pure luck rather than judgement. Think about this for a minute and this is 100% true. If you closed your eyes and randomly hit the buy or sell button, you would have more successful trades than the average retail Forex trader. I am not going to go into detail of why that is true, but it is.

A complete understanding of the market and the forces that drive price is the only thing that will make you a great trader, and consistent profitability will be within your reach. So if you do not have that understanding, and you feel that there is something missing from your trading methodology, then please feel free to contact me for an informal chat, about how i can help you become a great trader and take your trading to the next level.

Now answer the question again, do you really want to be a profitable Forex trader?

Thanks for visiting my blog, have a great day. 🙂

How To Control Fear And Greed In Forex Trading.

Fear and greed are a Forex traders worst enemy. Knowing how to control fear and greed in Forex trading will help you to become a better trader.

The key to making money in the Forex markets is to trade logically without emotion, and if you can remove fear and greed from your trading and trade logically, you will make more money from your trading activities.

What is fear and greed?

Fear and greed are pretty simple concepts to understand, and they are intertwined in the majority of Forex traders psyche. Everyone gets into Forex trading to make money, that is the sole objective of trading, but the fact is the majority of Forex traders lose money in the markets. Not being able to control fear and greed will cause traders to trade emotionally and make irrational trading decisions, which will ultimately lose them money in the markets.

How to control fear in Forex trading.

There are many types of fear in Forex trading, but the fear of losing money is probably the biggest one. Depending on your personality type, some traders will be more prone to fear than others. If you are a trader that has a big fear of losing money you can mitigate that fear in 3 ways.

how to control fear in Forex trading1. Reduce your lot size. If you are trading with a lot size that you are not comfortable with your fear is greater, and your chances of making an emotional irrational decision are greater if you are trading this way.

2. Set a stop loss on every trade.
Knowing how much you are prepared to lose on every trade will help you overcome fear. No one wants to lose money in the markets, but if you know your potential loss in advance, and you are comfortable with that, you will not be trading emotionally and making irrational decisions.

3. Understand the market. This is the biggest fear of all in my opinion. And the hardest one to overcome. Lack of market knowledge is the major reason why traders fail, and is the difference between the 5 and the 95%. Many traders think they understand what they are doing, but the truth is they don’t. You have to fully understand what is going on in the Forex market to become a successful Forex trader, and this understanding will greatly reduce your fear.

Fear of the unknown is the hardest fear to overcome. If you think about other types of fear you may have experienced in the past, this will give you an idea of how important knowledge is, in overcoming fear.

Many people may have had a fear of exams at school, because they wanted to do well, but they did not fully understand the subject.

Some people may have had a fear of driving a car, because of a lack of understanding, but now they drive successfully every day.

When you started your first job you may have had a fear of going to work, because you were not familiar with the roles expected of you, but now you go to work every day without fear.

Can you see a pattern here? The pattern is knowledge. Knowledge lessens the fear of all these fearful situations, and Forex trading is exactly the same. Having the knowledge needed to enable you to trade with confidence, will take away the majority of your fear.

How to control greed in Forex trading.

As we have established greed can also play a big part in the success or failure of a Forex trader. There are various types of greed that will attribute to your failure as a trader, but the main one is trying to make money on every market move. Trying to make money from every move in the market will cause you to chase after market moves, and over trade, and if you are chasing the market and over trading you are trading emotionally, and you will lose money. Here are a few tips you can use to help you overcome greed.

how to control greed in Forex trading1. Make pips not money.
Its not how much money you make, its how many pips you make that counts. If you are trading 50 lots per pip you can make £3000 per week from just 10 pips. So don’t get greedy and chase after the big money every week, just concentrate on making pips. When you are consistently making pips, week in week out, then you can increase your lot size to make the big money.

2. Be realistic with your expectations. You have to learn to accept that you cannot make money from every move in the market. You have to be satisfied with the pips you do make, and not get frustrated by the pips you miss out on. Getting frustrated by missing out on trades, will cause you to trade emotionally, and chase after those missed pips.

3. Learn to trade. Making money is a by product of trading successfully, but the majority of traders will try to make money first, and then learn to trade, after they have lost a lot of money. Which does not make a great deal of sense, but that’s what happens. The majority of traders that come to me for training and mentoring, have already lost a lot of money in the markets, before they decide to employ me to teach them how to trade.

Summary. Knowing how to control fear and greed in Forex trading will help you to become a better trader, but the biggest obstacle to overcoming fear and greed is a lack of knowledge. Knowledge will give you the understanding you need, to enable you to trade without fear and greed, and consistently make money from Forex trading. Not knowing how to trade correctly, and chasing after the big money, will cause you to trade emotionally, and ultimately lose you money. Trading is not easy, but understanding the market will help you to control your fear and greed, and make you a profitable trader.

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How To Stop Losing Money In The Forex Market.

Why do Forex traders lose money? There are many reasons why Forex traders lose money, but in this article i will give you 10 top tips on how to stop losing money in the Forex market.

Knowledge is power.

The most important thing that you need to be a successful Forex trader is knowledge. Knowledge is everything in Forex trading. The more you know about the market the more successful you will become at trading.

There are many websites available online that will give you a certain degree of knowledge to enable you to trade Forex, but 95% of these websites are run by marketing companies, or failed traders, so the knowledge you get from these websites will enable you to trade, but they will not give you the understanding you need to enable you to make money from Forex trading every week.

Its a fact that 95% of Forex traders consistently lose money. And the main reason for this is they do not understand how the market really works, because they have never been educated by a professional Forex trader. I am a professional Forex trader and i can teach you how to trade Forex, and make consistent profits week in week out from trading, but my time is limited so i cannot teach you for free. For more information on my Forex training course please click on the link.

top 10 forex tips

If you do not have the funds available to pay me to teach you how to trade Forex, here are 10 top tips you can use to enable you to cut down on your losses.

1. Don’t trade with more money than you can afford to lose.

Putting pressure on yourself will cause you to make the wrong trading decisions, and trading with more money than you can afford to lose will add to that pressure.

2. Don’t over trade.

Over trading can lead to an emotional roller coaster. If you are taking too many trades you are trading emotionally. Trading should be as mechanical as possible. Emotional trading will lead to big losses.

3. Don’t be greedy.

If you have had a couple of nice trades and banked some pips enjoy them. Don’t think you are on a roll and chase after more pips. This often leads to more risk taking and you end up giving back the pips you made, and some.

4. Don’t revenge trade.

Getting back into a position straight after a losing trade is called revenge trading. When you trade this way you are trading purely on emotion, and you are chasing those lost pips. If you have a losing trade, just sit back and relax, and take some time out to re focus your mind.

5. Don’t over expose yourself to a losing position.

Chasing after a losing position is probably one of the worst things you can do in trading. Adding to a losing trade in the hope that the market will come back will cost you big time. Just admit that you got it wrong and close your trade, and move on.

6. Keep a record of all your trades.

Keeping a record of all your trades may give you some insight into your trading habits. Do you trade better in the morning, or in the evening? What is your average win loss ratio? How many trades are you taking per day? How long are you holding your trades for? Understanding your trading habits will enable you to become a better trader.

7. Trade with a lot size that you are comfortable with.

This is a mistake that a lot of traders can make that will dramatically effect their trading performance. If your lot size is too big, you are anxious when you trade, so you close trades too early, and you stop yourself out of trades too soon. If your lot size is too small the reverse happens. So you need to trade with a lot size that feels comfortable, but not too comfortable.

8. Devise a rules based trading method and have a reason for entering and exiting trades.

You have to have a method. You cannot blindly enter the market in the hope that you will get a winning trade. You have to trade based on a rules based method that has been tested over time and is proven to work.

9. Be patient and wait for the set ups.

When you have your rules based method in place, stick to it. Wait for qualified set ups before entering the market.

10. Don’t rely on indicators to give you trading signals.

The majority of Forex traders rely on indicators to give them trading signals. If trading was that easy everyone would be making fortunes from trading, but that’s not the reality is it. If you want to be successful in Forex trading you have to learn to read price action. Price is the most important thing in trading and it always will be. If you understand price action you will be a much more successful trader.

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